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A Website Management Company

Website Management is the smart way
to protect and use your website.

  • Who do you call when your site is down?
  • Can you reach your hosting company 7:PM on Friday night?
  • It's over a year since we built it, and where is that website designer now?
  • How do I get visitors to my website?
  • What's the deal with Search Engines???
  • I don't know if I should pay this bill I got for my Domain Name?
  • What is Hosting and what's a Server?
  • Do I really need to know this stuff??

If these thoughts occur to you, then you need Website Management.

Let us help you with this marvelous technology to increase your bottom line as well as give you a measure of security and knoweledge about this century's greatest sales tool.

We Manage your website for you.
We alert you to the opportunities as well as warn you of pitfalls that are part of the ever growing World Wide Web.
For today's web you need an expert management team.

We have backround in
Web Design, Commercial Photography, Television, Public Relations and copy writing and we have many years working with the Web and all that it has grown to be. Over 12,000 hours online researching the Stuff of the Web.

Your expertise is in your business, the business you have spent years at, you don't have the time to research out all about websites; let the experienced professionals at American Server Manage your website services for you.

We help our clients with everything from
Email Setup to finding the right Domain Name.

Please visit some of the websites
that we have produced and see for yourself
how great a site can look.

We answer every question and return every call.
On Site Assistance. Full Service. All the time.

PHONE: 831-917-5600